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Cloud-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown

31 January
Name: Seven!Lindy
Age: old
Sex: as often as possible
Height: short
Weight: plump
How Acquired: free agency
Position: Chaser
Throws: badly
Bats: even worse
Previous Career: Huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, Tolkien, Harry Potter. Plays Celtic music (lever harp & bodhran). Enthusiastic Scottish Country Dancer, reader, home cook, needleworker, bead collector, bodyart collector, fanfic reader, historical reenactor. Believes in fairies, yet doesn't suffer fools gladly.

My Dating Status Button says:
Polyamorous, Bisexual, Involved/Available

Polyamorous Interested in multiple serious relationships.
Bisexual Interested in both male and female.
Involved/Available Currently in a relationship, and potentially interested in more.
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